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Nature Attraction
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Bundala National Park
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Bundala National Park is situated 162 miles from Colombo, It is perhaps the most important wetland in Sri Lanka for both resident and migratory birds. It is famous for its aquatic birdlife which feed on the rich harvest provided by the numerous lagoons throughout the park. The park covers some 6,216 ha and during the winter months more than 160 species of birds can be found within its boundaries. The park is the last refuge of the Great Flamingo in this part of the Island and encountering one of the huge flocks of Flamingo's can be truly breathtaking. Among some of the birding highlights are the rare Black-necked stork and the Great Thick-knee, and the more common Painted Storks, Pelicans, Egrets, Herons, Water Hens, Spoon Bills, Open Bills, Cormorants, Lapwings and Sand Pipers.

Situated in the dry-zone, this sanctuary is cut off from the Indian Ocean by a wide beach and fringing dunes. The park is a mixture of dry semi-evergreen forest, scrub jungle and wetland habitat with shallow water holes. The open habitat makes it easy to spot the herds of elephants and other animals that roam the area and cruising through the park in an open top 4-by-4 adds to the experience.

The park is also home to a small population of leopards, which prey on the numerous spotted deer and sambur. Although sightings are rare, it is worth exploring several rocky outcrops where previous sightings have occurred. There are also sloth bear, giant squirrels and civet cats and the waters are inhabited by both the marsh crocodile and the ‘salt water' or estuarine crocodile. From October to January several species of endangered marine turtles find their way here to lay their eggs on the shore.

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